Athlete Brand and Sponsorship Workshop Weekends



Brisbane 23-24 June 2018 

For Athletes Of All Types And Levels

Every athlete can have a great brand and get valuable sponsorship... no matter your age, location, type of sport or ability!

Expert Presenters 

Our presenters are experts in their field and know exactly what you need to create a succesful journey in brand and sponsorship!

11 Interactive Workshops

The sessions are practical and you will be creating real content and ideas for your brand, social media, sponsorship and more!

In Just 2 Days You Will CREATE Your Athlete Brand and Have A PLAN For Your Social Media AND Getting Sponsorship

  • Discover How To Identify and Activate Your Athlete Brand….and How It Can Benefit You In SO Many Ways 
  • Identify Your Unique Value and How To Get GREAT Sponsorship  
  • Get real industry knowledge and learn how to create your own unique sponsorship pitch! 
  • Create A Sponsorship Proposal and Learn How to Communicate With Sponsors  
  • Learn How To Share Your Story And Message on Social Media and Media Interviews 
  • Become confident and knowledgeable about creating your journey during and after sport! 

Each session is based on our years of experience supporting the journeys of athletes of all types... from non competitive athletes through to Olympic and Paralympic chamions! 

We work with the world's largest sports organisations and well as small and local clubs and businesses! And we share all this knowledge and expertise with you!

Brisbane 23-24 June 2018

Each Workshop Weekend is limited to just 20 Athletes to ensure you all get 1:1 time with our Expert Presenters!

These Workshops Have Been Created For Australian Athletes Of All Levels and In All Sports... Now Is The Time To Create Success In Your Athlete Journey

So many athletes delay starting their brand and sponsorship journey because of a lack of time and a lack of clarity of how to start and what to do!  

This weekend is exactly what you need to not only get started but really progress in these areas.....and you'll leave with knowledge, practical content, a strategy, great ideas and confidence to continue!

Understanding Your Athlete Brand 

Having an understanding of what your athlete brand is and how it can help you achieve your ambitions in sport and life!

You will learn so much....and actually create practical content in the workshops that you can put to use straight away! 

Communicate Your Athlete Brand 

Learn the many ways that your Athlete Brand can be communicated....and how that can benefit you as an athlete and in all other areas of your life!

Sharing your story, your message and that of your sponsors and sports organisations is an incredibly valuable skill to have!


Social media can be such a mine field....but when you know your brand (who you are, what you care about and what you want to say) it can be an incredibly enjoyable, fulfilling and valuable form of communication!

We'll help you create a plan for your social media.....AND the content you create can also be used in Media Interviews, Speeeches and Presentations and even in interviews for College Sports Scholarships!

How Sponsorship Works And How It Can Work For You

Learn the exact process you are going to take to engage sponsorship! We break down the process of getting sponsored in easy to follow steps, and explain why each one is so important!

You'll get to identify potential sponsors and the value you can offer...and even create a proposal!

How to Identify and Connect with Your Ideal Sponsors

We guide you through the process of identifying who the right sponsors for you are..they are different for every athlete! You are all unique and fantastic in your own individual ways!

One of the most common questions we get asked is "How to I get in contact with potential sponsors?"...we will show you how it's done!

We tell you how to find out the right person to speak to, how to get in touch, what to say, and how to make sure you have a positive impact from the very start!

CREATE YOUR OWN SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL! You will receive an editable template and a simple to follow guide, as well as examples of succesful proposals!

Develop Your Sponsorship Pitch... and start creating your own Proposal using our fantastic template!

Learn how to get creative and savvy with your approach to sponsors....and get great results!

 Creating a fantastic proposal is an important part of your pitch....and we give you all the tips and ideas that have helped hundreds of athletes engage sponsorship!


Introducing our expert presenters Vickie Saunders and Charlotte Woods...and on the day you will meet our 2 very special guest presenters!

Vickie Saunders Athlete Sponsorship 

Acclaimed as the world’s leading expert in athlete sponsorship, Vickie is the author of 3 books (most recently co-authoring the soon to be released book The Athlete Brand) and travels the world speaking on this topic!  

She is the founder of The Sponsorship Consultants, who boast an impressive client list including the US Olympic and Paralympic Teams, Commonwealth Games as well as numerous other national sports organisations and global brands.  

Vickie is passionate about seeing athletes of all levels and in all sports connecting with sponsorship and fulfilling their ambitions in life!


In each city we will have a presentation and Q&A session with a brand manager from a leading company.....ready to answer your questions and give you great insight and knowledge to shape your own brand and sponsorship activities!

Charlotte Woods Athlete Brand 

As the Community Manager at The Sponsorship Consultants and co-author of The Athlete Brand, Charlotte is often the first point of contact for athletes who want to learn about developing their brand and profile.  

Curating and managing the online community of athletes who seek information, Charlotte offers support, guidance and creative ideas for athletes of all types and abilities around the world.  

Charlotte has a well developed understanding of the athlete brand and the ways that athletes are able to portray and communicate their message and ambitions. 


Joining us in each city will be an athlete who has had great success with their own brand and sponsorship journey....and they will be athletes who don't compete in a mainstream sport...showing each of you that your UNIQUENESS is your value....and it doesn't matter what type of sport you participate in!

You really don't want to miss this! 

This is the only workshop of it's kind in Australia....and is exactly what you need to take that next step and create the athlete journey you dream of! We believe in big dreams too......and taking action to make them a reality!

All workshop attendees will be able to get copies of our 2 books at 50% off the RRP! Just $12 each! Get your copies of Sponsorship for Athletes AND The Athlete Brand at the Workshop Weekend!

What's Included? For A Total Cost Of Just $459 You Will Receive: 

  • 11 Information and Action packed workshop sessions!  
  • 1:1 Guidance from our Experts during each session
  • Printed Workbook (also provided as a digital workbook)  
  • Social Media Planner  
  • Sponsorship Proposal Template (digital and printed)  
  • 3 Months Access to our Online Sponsorship Resources (RRP $87)  
  • Healthy and delicious Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Tea both days
  • Payment plan option - pay in 3 monthly instalments
  • Our workshop venues are modern, light filled and the perfect setting for your creative and strategic work during the 2 days